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MECHEM (Pty) Ltd, based in Pretoria, South Africa is arguably one of the world leaders in commercial landmine- and battlefield clearance. In this regard MECHEM has a proven capacity to provide training in all of the different disciplines within this field of work.

MECHEM was also involved in the training of members of the UAE and Oman Armed Forces in Basic Ammunition Theory, Ammunition Storage, Basic Demolitions, Explosive Ordnance Disposal as well as IEDD training. It further more was responsible for the training of the Somali-land Police Forces in Landmine- and UXO clearance.

MECHEM is capable and desirous of providing its clients with world standard training and to design a course to suit the client's specific needs. MECHEM emphasises and demands an exact level of expertise from its personnel and has therefore created a training facility where a wide variety of skills can be imparted.

Training Portfolio

Over the past years MECHEM has trained its own personnel in order to be able to deploy competent and experienced staff in all the different disciplines of landmine clearance operations.

In this process it has developed a variety of formalised training courses. MECHEM has also presented numerous commercial courses to satisfied international clients.


We are proud to be able to announce that we are accredited with SASSETA (South African Safety & Security Sector Training Authority) as a Training Provider and with PSIRA(Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) as a Security Services Provider. In addition we are ISO 9001, 14001 and OSHASH 18001 certified. As such we strive to adhere to the highest standards and in compliance with other prescribed international standards e.g. International Mine Action Standards.

Trainers / Facilitators

MECHEM has excess to a pool of well trained and experienced trainers in their respective field of expertise.

Mine Action Training Courses

MECHEM are well established to present the following training courses:

Mine Action Training

  • Basic Demining & IMAS EOD Level 1
  • IMAS EOD Levels 2 & 3 
  • Demining Management 
    • Mine Action & BAC Lower Level Training 
    • Mine Action & BAC Middle Level Training
  • Demining Survey 
  • Mine Protected Vehicle Driver Training
  • IEDD Systems Training

Dog Training Courses

  • Explosive Detection Dogs
  • Mine Detection Dogs

Dog Handler Training Courses

  • Mine Detection Dog Handlers Course
  • Explosive Detection Dog Handlers Course 


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