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Below please find a list of all our products and equipment as well as services offered. You could read more about a subject by clicking on the heading of your choice.


A turnkey solution for application in demining and policing in the role of detecting contraband substances, border control in detecting protected species, scanning sea freight containers without having to open the container, scanning of couriered packages, scanning at airports in cargo holds and many more applications. Please read more here

Trained Dogs

Including explosive detection dogs and mine detection dogs. Please read more here.

Dog Breeding

When selecting dogs for breeding purposes, we ensure that both the stud dog and brood bitch are as good an example of their breed as possible. Please read more here.

Dog Food

The old saying, “you are what you eat”, not only holds true for humans but also for domestic animals. Please read more here.

Demining Equipment

Read more about equipment such as the Demining Kit, Helmet and Visor and Demining Suit. Please read more here.

Mechem Deflagration Powder

Please download the brochure at the bottom of this page. 


Mechem can facilitate in the sale of Re-Manufactured MPVs (Mine Protected Vehicles) and APCs (Armored Personnel Carriers). Please read more here.

Water Purification Trailers

Water purification and other types of trailers customised to suit a broad range of requirements and varying terrains.

Camping Equipment

Campaign Equipment like tents, sleeping bags and other types of outdoor equipment typically used on our demining operations. For further information and enquiries, please read more here.

For all other queries, please email Jack Geldenhuys here

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